Ancuza Aprodu Trio

April 12, 2019, 8 p.m.
Violin in shadows

The piano/percussion duo of Ancuza Aprodu and Thierry Miroglio – a unique association of two internationally known soloists – has appeared in numerous festivals and venues throughout the world, including appearances in Berlin Philharmonie, Wien Konzerthaus, Paris, Schleswig-Holstein Festival, New York, Boston, Turin, Salvador, Weimar, Rome, Saarbruck, Brasilia, Orleans, San Francisco, Venice, Bangkok, Bamberg, Bucarest, Manille, Munich, Seoul, and Tokyo.

Their work reflects an artistic blending of the melodic and percussive sonorities of the piano with the infinite timbral palette of percussion. This important collaboration has evolved over several years in collaboration with eminent living composers, producing a large body of work encompassing music, electronics, theater, dance, film, and the visual and plastic arts.

Creative Arts Building, McKenna Theatre